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a grotesque black doll


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But, golly, I'm sad we're saying ta-ra to the good old perm.
She described the golly - a black-faced smiling doll with a red jacket and striped trousers - as "offensive".
The Golly - a little black character wearing a bow tie and a red and yellow suit - was first used on the jam jars in 1910, but it was condemned as a racist symbol throughout the 1980s.
He had taken his teddy and golly in with him and had to find him a replacement.
REGARDING the golly doll row (Tories in trouble over dolly, Mail, March 22), I remember having a golly doll as a child and it stayed with me for a number of years.
I grew up in Bury in Lancashire, so I have a lot of black and Asian friends and as children we had golly dolls and we never once thought of them as racist," She said.
Jam-makers James Robertson were forced to drop the golly as their mascot in 2001.
The Golliwogs -- blackfaced residents of Golly Town who had come under fire for representing racial stereotypes -- have been left out of the celebrations.
What mattered was that it upset those who were at the sharp end of racism - so bye, bye golly.
The 12-inch male Golly has frizzy black hair and black eyes.
Ole Golly sounded terribly proper and enunciated everything quite clearly .
I HAVE always associated gosh and golly with impetuous youth, so it was quite flattering that Peter Curtis should describe me, an octogenarian, as a gosh golly Europhobe (Voice of the North, November 6).
Their shop has a separate room for the display for Gollies - Golly items, a Disney character collection, many Victorian bisque dolls, rare cloth and rag dolls, many very early teddy bears and an original Brumas Bear with Ivy - worth a look for both specialist enthusiasts and would-be, amateur collectors alike.
MUSICAL: Liverpool singer Sonia, above, gives a powerhouse performance as Molly in Bob Eaton's corking show Good Golly Miss Molly with our very own Eithne Browne playing a variety of characters, with Carl Chase also proving his mettle again.