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a grotesque black doll


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The Golly - a little black character wearing a bow tie and a red and yellow suit - was first used on the jam jars in 1910, but it was condemned as a racist symbol throughout the 1980s.
I grew up in Bury in Lancashire, so I have a lot of black and Asian friends and as children we had golly dolls and we never once thought of them as racist," She said.
Jam-makers James Robertson were forced to drop the golly as their mascot in 2001.
The Golliwogs -- blackfaced residents of Golly Town who had come under fire for representing racial stereotypes -- have been left out of the celebrations.
Ayear or so ago, a shop in Liverpool sold golly dolls.
What mattered was that it upset those who were at the sharp end of racism - so bye, bye golly.
The 12-inch male Golly has frizzy black hair and black eyes.
I HAVE always associated gosh and golly with impetuous youth, so it was quite flattering that Peter Curtis should describe me, an octogenarian, as a gosh golly Europhobe (Voice of the North, November 6).
Their shop has a separate room for the display for Gollies - Golly items, a Disney character collection, many Victorian bisque dolls, rare cloth and rag dolls, many very early teddy bears and an original Brumas Bear with Ivy - worth a look for both specialist enthusiasts and would-be, amateur collectors alike.
MUSICAL: Liverpool singer Sonia, above, gives a powerhouse performance as Molly in Bob Eaton's corking show Good Golly Miss Molly with our very own Eithne Browne playing a variety of characters, with Carl Chase also proving his mettle again.
31, 1951, in Astoria to Dale and Myrtle Lewis Golly.
Golly, that really was nearly 20 years ago, wasn't it?
I related how that pastor told his congregation that if speaking the truth means going to jail, 'then by golly, that's where I'm going to be and I'm going to save you a seat next to me.
Golly gee, here's a pill that is just as good for achieving weight loss as healthy eating and regular exercise .