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a grotesque black doll


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The 53-year-old said the golliwogs - which come in small, medium and large sizes - had been on display for more than a week.
She said: "Two white people came in the shop and said they found the golliwogs offensive and they should be removed.
A Northumbria Police spokesman said the selling of golliwogs was not illegal, and no complaints had been received about the shop.
She clothed her golliwogs in the same apparel as the blackfaced minstrels then prevalent in Europe and North America, with thick lips, unruly black hair and paws instead of hands and feet.
But the Dafel Dolls and Bears shop in Block Arcade, where 110 of Winfrey's guests will attend a cocktail party, will continue to display other golliwogs.
Golliwogs - a black caricature with red lips, afro-style hair and Mike Whitby, chairman of dressed in minstrel clothing - were characters in children's books in the late 19th century, usually depicted as a type of rag doll.
Look at the golliwogs in noddy; they were portrayed as mean, criminal troublemakers and were the "baddies".
POLICE are hunting three youngsters who dressed up as golliwogs for a summer parade.
London, May 11 ( ANI ): Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who is currently in hot water over his alleged use of the 'n-word', reportedly used to sell controversial golliwogs made by his family's firm.
In which series of children's books have golliwogs been replaced by goblins for the TV versions?
We market the golliwogs basically to stick two fingers up to the establishment".
The Golliwogs -- blackfaced residents of Golly Town who had come under fire for representing racial stereotypes -- have been left out of the celebrations.
It is ludicrous to talk about banning books with pictures of pigs in them, or banning golliwogs lest they offend.
No place for golliwogs In Longbridge then, I suppose.
In one swoop I associated golliwogs with wogs, as did millions of others over the years, even if purists will point out that the word aewogAE came later and that the GolliwogAEs creator, Florence Kate Upton, who came up with the character in a childrenAEs book back in 1895, had no such thought in mind.