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Didja know that Woodrow Wilson was golfing when he heard about the sinking of the Lusitania?
Stephen's thirst for competition was evident throughout his high school years, and during that time he was state champion for the Texas Interscholastic League golfing competitions for three consecutive years.
He says, ``I like the idea that you wear different clothes for golfing than you would for just hanging out or playing basketball with your friends.
In what is the Company's first European sale, GPSI will install its proprietary Inforemer(TM) Wi-Fi GPS golf business solutions at the five-star Abama resort, poised to become one of the crown jewels of European golf, located in the world-renowned Canary Islands golfing mecca.
Queen's tee time: Abercrombie & Kent's Golfing in Scotland tour includes a five-day trans-Atlantic crossing aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2, then golfing at Turnberry, Royal Troon, Gleneagles and St.
Many of the venues have survived as culturally significant urban golfing oases--courses such as Rackham in Detroit, Jackson Park in Chicago, Langston in D.