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a small motor vehicle in which golfers can ride between shots

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Some courses make the mandatory tie-in purchase of a motorized golfcart (about $20 for two people) a requirement for play.
Also, the restriction of golfcarts to cartpaths will require golfers to spend more time walking back and forth from the cart to the ball.
We're spending money on advanced batteries, so some day you'll be able to plug in your automobile and drive the first 40 miles on electricity, and your car is not going to look like a golfcart.
The NEV, when equipped with the Golf Option Package, meets most national golfcart standards and offers power train settings for fairways and roadways.
In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following applications: forklifts, golfcarts, neighborhood EVs (NEVs), and passenger cars EVs.
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