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a small hard ball used in playing golf

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When he'd head off to work I'd nick his best golfballs - then I'd hit them against the wall and gouge them.
They would put golfballs on their feet and skate on them, or use them to ice skate.
The whisky comes in a 50cl bottle or a 5cl miniature, with a three-pack of golfballs.
He's a golfer teeing golfballs and the baseball looks that big
Women up and down the country are now buying five irons and buckets of golfballs as if they were going out of fashion.
Morris Miller, who previously served as Xenex's Executive Chairman, is the founder of Sequel and Cutstone Ventures, where he invests in and acts as an advisor to numerous startup and established technology companies such as Inventables, OptimizedNow and Golfballs.
But as Jim Allister worked himself into a lather about this "sop to republicans", didn't the Culture Minister and Ulster Scots enthusiast announce with glee that pounds 5million, with a hint of more to ravens golfballs.