golf widow

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a wife who is left alone much of the time because her husband is playing golf

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I'm a golfer, so she's a golf widow which has caused one or two problems
And when the missus - a well-known golf widow - put her foot down and banned me from setting foot on the stunning championship course, which the hotel overlooks, I feared the weekend from hell.
STUNNING SURROUNDINGS: PolarisWorld's La Torre resort has everything for the golf widow (and her husband)
The participants, including a prostitute, a resting actor and a golf widow, rise to the challenge, with unexpected results.
With an oddball collection of losers, including an alcoholic, a prostitute, a golf widow and a "resting" actor, can they all rise to the occasion?
FORMER Corrie star DENISE WELCH looks in an El of a mood after becoming a golf widow during a family holiday in Spain.
I never thought I would play golf, but I was fed up of being a golf widow.
AT last, a solution to the age old problem of what gift to give a golf widow when you return from a jaunt with the lads.
At one point, golf widow Joy Martin, from Staines, said of her agony aunt: 'She's not the full ticket, is she?
The villas have all the mod-cons a golfer and golf widow could desire, from his and hers satellite plasma screen TVs to a private swimming pool.
MY wife always used to go on at me about being a golf widow so I took her out on to the course a few times and she discovered she liked the game.
At the same time, let your husband know how you feel and tell him you're not going to become a golf widow.
Even the most militant golf widow would be taken aback by the beauty of the course - it's worth a walk round even without clubs.
My husband played and I started to play because I did not want to be a golf widow," she says.
JEAN MULFORD, who began playing golf to escape being left the traditional golf widow at home, is the new Ladies Captain at Blundells Hill.