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a short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground


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developed a golf tee consisting of a rigid stake topped by overmolding a softer, flexible crown.
Nangreave Green Tee Golf's Nigel Nangreave (right) demonstrates his environmentally-friendly golf tee under the watchful gaze of Business Link West Midlands' Steve Taylor
The inventor calls it the world's first patented extend able golf tee.
He received a patent for the golf tee in 1899--a blueprint for today's wooden and plastic tees.
James, 67 and Laurence 65, have developed a spring loaded golf tee which can be adjusted for height,depending on weather conditions.
Dr Johnson, who is one of the UK's wealthiest entrepreneurs, found inspiration for the golf tee design while waiting for a dental check-up.
Screwing through the golf tee will cause it to expand and tighten the hinge even more, restoring your doors to proper working condition.
Many club members are beginning to use club Web pages to request dinner reservations, golf tee times, court times, etc.
McGuire said: "It was a special moment - but it's probably the last time you'll find me on a golf tee at midnight.
Golf Realty Network links Golf enthusiasts at the SWPGA's golf tee times booking website, www.
Tenders are invited for renovation of four golf tee complexes at bunker links golf course.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 23, 2015-Medalist Acquires US Golf Tee Maker Pride
The golf ball tattoos, emblazoned with the year she hit the hole in one, surround a golf tee tattoo on the lower calf of her right leg.
Kevin Jackson was framed for a crime he didn't commit 14 years ago in St Stephen's High, Port Glasgow It wasmewho pinged the golf tee that bounced off Mrs Harkins and got him flung into the maths corridor until he learned how to behave.
The outing will include a buffet lunch, golf tee, networking reception and dinner banquet.