golf stroke

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the act of swinging a golf club at a golf ball and (usually) hitting it

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Thus, this lesson contributes not only to the students' ability to perform the golf stroke but also to their understanding of movement (Standard 2).
Come hone your networking skills along with your golf stroke and your backhand, or while luxuriating at Doral's spa.
Chip and Pin is just another way of hurrying things up while making them sound like some kind of laidback golf stroke.
But it will be golf strokes, not brushstrokes, that stirs the passion this week as the Granite City welcomes some of the sport's greatest masters.
5) 10 Won 400m hurdles gold at Daegu, 2011 (6) 14 Swede who won the Wimbledon men's singles title in 1988 and 1990 (6) 15 Won the Epsom Derby in 1933 (8) 16 In American football, player who obstructs another using his body (7) 17 City home of football teams, Al Zawra, Al Shurta and Al Talaba (7) 18 Racecourse six miles from Windsor Castle (5) 21 1942 Preakness Stakes winner , second in Kentucky Derby and Belmont same year (5) 22 Ex-Sky pundit, now with talkSPORT (4) 24 Number of golf strokes that should be taken for a hole (3) al.
Sullivan, a father of four, is aiming to raise pounds 250,000 and the trip over open countryside is expected to take more than seven weeks and involve 16,000 golf strokes.
Among the rentable videos, Psycho IV, for instance, appears as a sad sequel to the missing original; one can rent videos about kitchen renovations, golf strokes, or planes taking off; the X-rated area offers Aussie Exchange Girls, Surf Side Shemales, and Bad Assed Blondes, while elsewhere one finds My Friend Mutz, about a gray tabby.
Statistically, more than 65 per cent of all golf strokes are short distance.
Perched high on a hill overlooking the seaside town it has seven par 5s for the ladies and less for the men, who really have to get the maximum out of their golf strokes to get onto the long par 4s in regulation play.