golf shot

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the act of swinging a golf club at a golf ball and (usually) hitting it

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BERNIE McGUIRE drove into the record books when he hit the very first golf shot of the new millennium.
Connell said: "It was just like a golf shot when you know you have hit it well.
26million miles - making it the longest golf shot ever.
The survey revealed Luke Fitzgerald's missed golf shot in front of the pro was our favourite social media moment of the year.
CaddieON automatically tracks a round of golf shot by shot knowing the club used and distance hit for each stroke.
So it was perhaps no surprise that the fourtime major winner had taken to Twitter earlier in the day to write: "Just under 3 hours until I hit my first competitive golf shot in 6 weeks.
Contract notice: Provision of a multi-directional golf shot.
It's funny because I never hit a golf shot, and you've asked me what the proudest moment of my career is.
The record - 'farthest golf shot to be caught in a moving car, ever'.
The amazing feat was independently verified by a Guinness World Record adjudicator who confirmed the achievement secured the title of furthest golf shot caught in a moving car.
And in doing so the duo set a new Guinness World Record for the "furthest golf shot caught in a moving car.
It secured the world record for the furthest golf shot caught in a moving car in only the second attempt of the day at Dunsfold aerodrome in Surrey.
He's talking about some golf shot when I see a waitress approaching like one of those stopstart Buster Keaton films.
gamblingharry1 We can see it's a golf shot One thing that has annoyed me about the Ryder Cup (apart from the rain
Pelz and Frank, 1999) have a long time believe that timing is a key attribute in performing the optimal golf shot.