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someone who earns a living by playing or teaching golf

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Niall mostly plays in the Grove club in his native Mullingar, Co Westmeath, but his globetrotting life has allowed him to indulge his passion with golf pros on the best and most exotic courses in the world.
During his career, he served as golf pro at Grants Pass Golf Club, Forest Hills Country Club in Reedsport, Albany Country Club, Emerald Valley Golf Club and Shadow Hills Country Club.
But new golf pros emerge every year, and one that has caught the sport by storm is Rory McIlroy.
SUCCESS: The Northern Rock Junior Pro Am winning team were, from left, Luke Brown, 13, from Billingham Golf Club, Adam Nicholson, 13, from Backworth Golf Club, Siloth on Solway, golf pro Jonathan Graham and Grace Anderson, 13, of Morpeth Golf Club
Farriery Access student Kate Upstone (left) with (from left) golf pro Steve Hutchinson, rope skippers Rachael and Beci Dale, endurance record holder Paddy Doyle, and National Diploma Countryside students James Wadland and Jonny Wain.
Golf pro Jamie Hope said it was an unusual location but he was optimistic it could be successful.
Warburton and his family came from Memphis, where he was golf pro for three years at Tournament Players Club Network's Southwind.
Turnesa also represented America in the 1927 and 1929 Ryder Cup, a biennial match against golf pros from Great Britain; and he won the 1931 British PGA.
FUZZY ZOELLER, golf pro, on the most monotonous sight in the wide world of golf: "Watching Tiger Woods going to the bank every Monday to deposit a check for $860,000.
One of the top resorts in the Northeast that has catered to the Washington gentry from the times of the Revolutionary War, golf pro Sam Sneed was discovered there.
The drive is not necessarily the most important shot, adds Kent Lockwood, golf pro at Cricket Ridge in Batesville.
Keith Baxter, golf pro at the Buchanan Castle Golf Club in Drymen, said: "An increasing number of golfers are using video to improve their performance.
By the time it reaches the ball, his club is moving frighteningly fast," says golf pro Jeff Mowrer.
We designed the iPosture Golf-Pro to serve as a reminder - a personal golf pro off the course.
We plan to keep doing that in the future,'' said the general manager, Steve Applegate, who started working at the country club as a 16-year-old in the 1960s, played on the professional tour for a while and came back as a golf pro in the late 1970s.