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one playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course

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FULL TILT Z A fan wears a fake windmill after Ian Poulter described the 18th as a crazy golf hole
When they put five large circles around the same golf hole, the hole looked smaller.
Andrews in Scotland under Old Tom Morris, and from his experiences in Scotland, England and Ireland brought back "templates" of golf holes patterned after some of the most famous holes there.
Pelaw Grange, complete with golf hole above, while trainer Mark Coulson, winner of the track's latest tournament, proudly sports his prizes
For example, a teacher can have students create their own golf hole.
PerfectaPutt uses two precision machined aluminium discs, the exact diameter of a golf hole, and can be located on virtually any surface, anywhere.
WE HAVE POLLED MANY of the state's leading golf professionals to help come up with this list of great golf holes.
Someone once said that a great golf hole is one which puts a question mark into the player's mind when he arrives on the tee to play it.
Arata Expositions--Putting Green, Driving Range, Golf Hole
Sir Richard George has to travel a long distance from his home in the United Kingdom to play his favorite golf hole.
In Right in My Cup (all works 2000), a collage painting on a stretched blanket, the reference occurs not only in the title but also in the loopy pattern, like a fly's-eye view of a golf hole, that "blankets" the surface.
Companies can display their company-branded banner on a golf hole from just BD250 on the championship course or BD100 on the Wee Monty course.
Golfers use real golf clubs to hit real golf balls into a large screen depicting the golf hole they are playing.
There's also a pool, hot tub, par-3 golf hole, and tennis and basketball courts.
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