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a glove worn by golfers to give a firm grip on the handle of the golf club

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The Zepp sensor easily attaches to any golf glove or tennis racket and captures over 1,000 data points per second, and wirelessly sends that info to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth after every swing.
The ultrathin silicon design also helps extend glove life by protecting the common wear areas typically found on leather golf gloves.
It is actually a cream leather, off-the-shelf golf glove with an interior label which reads "Made In Korea".
So here is your definitive list of what essentials should always be in your golf bag: A good set of waterproofs Golf glove plus spares All weather glove ('Macwets' are a great option) Tees Pencil Pitchfork Marker pen Umbrella Winter mittens Towel (plus a spare in a dry pocket in your bag) Plasters Plenty of balls Cap/Hat Sun cream/insect repellent Water/energy Drink Carbohydrate (banana or Jaffa cakes are ideal) Also, here are three top tips for staying dry: Hook a dry towel onto the inside of your umbrella Take all of your head covers off your Woods Make sure you have spare gloves and towel in a dry pocket in your bag Try these tips next time you are out in the rain and I would definitely recommend that all of the above should be in your bag at all times, regardless of the time of year.
Claire forked out on a new golf glove (with silver lining - very cute), while I decided it was time to dump the M&S white collared T-shirt and invest in a stylish ladies golf top designed by Annika Sorenstam herself.
In his debut at the Redstone Golf Club during the 61st annual Shell Houston Open, PGA golfer Charley Hoffman sported a green golf glove to represent Houston-based Waste Management, his new sponsor, and the formation of the Green Glove Charity.
Not to fear, linksters, as the wait is officially over with the arrival of the Bionic Golf Glove ($24.
Hansen couldn't even put one of his fingers - the little one on his left hand - inside a golf glove.
A dozen sensors rigged into a golf glove monitor the positions of the wearer's hand and fingers, and a small transmitter on the back of the hand beams those data to a receiver that translates the information into the appropriate letter.
Combine a snug-fitting golf glove with a durable work glove and you've got the Bucket Boss True Grip Work Gloves.
Bionic Gloves, the leader in golf glove technology, is now leading the way with innovation in marketing.
SORRY ABOUT THAT Jason Blue poses with a golf glove given to him by Rory McIlroy after he was struck by his ball IN THE ROUGH A rare moment of trouble for leader Adam Scott
Julien s estimates fans will bid as high as 60,000 dollars for an item that started life as a regular leather golf glove labeled "Made in Korea.
We got in a taxi and the cabbie was driving with one hand while wearing a golf glove which is obviously a bit odd.
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