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an attendant who carries the golf clubs for a player


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The two others who died on the road to Loch Lomond, golf caddie Nestor Siles, 36, from Buenos Aires, and mum-of-three Jessie McCann 44, from Balloch, were in the car in front.
A workers' compensation appeals board determined Jerry Ware, a golf caddie, was an employee of a country club, not an independent contractor.
WANTED: Golf caddie, experience of helping Major champions preferred, not too clumsy essential.
Golf caddie Prince Mogone, 19, killed Diane Conway, 59, in Pilgrim's Rest, a tourist town in Mpumalanga province.
SkyHawke Technologies, LLC, has incorporated Sarantel's miniature GeoHelix GPS (global positioning system) antenna into the latest version of its market-leading SG2 Personal Digital Golf Caddie.
Fun and informative features chronicling a variety of technological advances - from ergonomic keyboards equipped with lasers and mirrors, to soccer-playing robots and a search for the perfect digital golf caddie - are available now on the Next Step branded Interplayer (http://www.
Nestor, an Argentinian golf caddie, and Jessie died in the car in front of Alice-Anne's.
Players choose from seven distinct characters with varying golf skill levels, and a specific golf caddie loaded with different strategies depending on the caddie's personality and expertise.
He called Japanese guests "nips" and said they all looked alike before mocking a black American golf caddie.
Generally, youths must be a minimum of 14 years old for most jobs, however kids as young as 11 can work as a golf caddie, sports referee or as a farm worker.
A GOLF caddie from Northern Ireland snatched a seven-year-old girl at Heathrow airport, a jury heard yesterday.
He referred to the Japanese as "nips" and said they all looked alike before mocking a black American golf caddie.
Golf caddie Gary Currie was last night facing his second night in jail after being accused of stabbing.
A GOLF caddie sacked from St Andrews for giving multi- millionaire JP McManus his Old Course tee-times yesterday said his disciplinary hearing was a 'kangaroo court'.