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an attendant who carries the golf clubs for a player


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Brian Robertson, prosecuting, told Cupar Sheriff Court yesterday: "The accused was working as a golf caddie.
A workers' compensation appeals board determined Jerry Ware, a golf caddie, was an employee of a country club, not an independent contractor.
WANTED: Golf caddie, experience of helping Major champions preferred, not too clumsy essential.
The two others who died on the road to Loch Lomond, golf caddie Nestor Siles, 36, from Buenos Aires, and mum-of-three Jessie McCann 44, from Balloch, were in the car in front.
SkyHawke Technologies, LLC, has incorporated Sarantel's miniature GeoHelix GPS (global positioning system) antenna into the latest version of its market-leading SG2 Personal Digital Golf Caddie.
Golf caddie Prince Mogone, 19, killed Diane Conway, 59, in Pilgrim's Rest, a tourist town in Mpumalanga province.
Nestor, an Argentinian golf caddie, and Jessie died in the car in front of Alice-Anne's.
Players choose from seven distinct characters with varying golf skill levels, and a specific golf caddie loaded with different strategies depending on the caddie's personality and expertise.
He called Japanese guests "nips" and said they all looked alike before mocking a black American golf caddie.
He referred to the Japanese as "nips" and said they all looked alike before mocking a black American golf caddie.
A GOLF caddie from Northern Ireland snatched a seven-year-old girl at Heathrow airport, a jury heard yesterday.
Brown also shocked the guests at the dinner in Carnoustie with an offensive parody of a black American golf caddie.
Golf caddie Gary Currie was last night facing his second night in jail after being accused of stabbing.
CHARLIE'S Angel Cheryl Ladd has revealed she's in love - with a 57-year-old Scots golf caddie.