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a small hard ball used in playing golf

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com/kirkland-vs-titleist-pro-v1/) review by My Golf Spy , a so-called Consumer Reports for golf equipment, found the Kirkland ball in most areas of performance held its own or surpassed the Titleist Pro V1, which is the gold standard for golf balls.
Just in time for the holiday season, The Golf Ball Club can help you, or anyone you know, avoid being 'that' guy.
Golf ball divers generally work in adverse conditions in the pond.
Rothchild read an advertisement about golf ball diving in a scuba diving magazine and started his own golf ball diving company in 2007.
AIT has been turning out mainly golf clubs and heads and about four years ago decided to diversify into golf balls, hence its setting up in 2006 a new plant nearby its headquarters in Tashu, Kaohsiung County, next to Pingtung.
The latest happened on Friday, known as Mischief Night, when two golf balls smashed the window of a house on Atwater Close.
On a golf ball, as the air moves around the dimpled surface it has to travel further, and so faster than the air above.
Consider a golf ball that is traveling through a tear-drop-shaped loop.
patents shows that he authored or coauthored (at least) 98 regarding golf balls (which must be a record number of golf-ball for one person).
Apparently, golf balls weren't the only projectiles.
If lost balls are adding strokes to your game, hit this regulation golf ball over the water, around the trees, and out of the rough.
said in a news release dated Tuesday carried on its Web site that no Bridgestone patents were infringed in the development of its "Rule 35" golf ball.
The lawsuit alleges that the new 2009 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, available to the public in spring 2009, infringe golf ball patents owned by Callaway Golf.
com)-- Dixon Golf, manufacturers of the first high performance eco-friendly golf ball, today announced The Dixon Black Friday - Cyber Monday FLASH Sale that will run Friday, Nov.
Washington, November 24 (ANI): A team of researchers from Arizona State University and the University of Maryland is using a supercomputer to study how air flows around a ball in flight, and how this flow is influenced by the ball's dimples, with a view to making a better golf ball that fly can farther.