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low-growing perennial of North America woodlands having trifoliate leaves and yellow rootstock and white flowers

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She opened her black canvas holdall, and arranged her assortment of clothes over the worn goldthread bedcover.
Pawel Koziczynski took 20 years to develop the 3,600-pound worth GoldThread Rejuvenation Procedure.
independently selected a cultured cell line with a high level of IQA productivity for a particular medicinal herb known as the Japanese goldthread (Coptis japonica Makino) and characterized the molecular basis of the IQA pathway to consolidate the results of their biochemical characterization.
11) In other records, items such as goldthread (huanglian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; Coptis chinensis), sweet-peel tangerines (gan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), coarse fabric mats (zhushu dian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), fennel (lingling xiang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; Lysimachia foenum graecum), fine linen (bozhu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and silver are enumerated alongside rhinoceros horn.
lacquer tree, Chinese goldthread tree, and sweet sorghum) is estimated