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aventurine spangled densely with fine gold-colored particles

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If the killing of over 1,400 Palestinians is not a "matter of policy", and Hamas' killing of four Israelis is "intentional" as claimed by Goldstone then the sky is the limit for Israel's war machine.
That is why Human Rights Watch, which covered much of the same ground as Goldstone in its own reporting on Gaza - and was also vigorously denounced by apologists for Israeli human rights abuses - did not reach such a conclusion.
Summary: Judge Richard Goldstone was condemned by many apologists for Israel's human rights record for his conclusion that Israel intentionally targeted Palestinian civilians as a matter of policy during the 2008-2009 Gaza war.
But now Goldstone has publicly distanced himself from the report, and explained his volte-face in a Washington Post commentary.
Andrew Auerbach, a young American software entrepreneur who met Mr Price while they were both studying at Harvard University, claims he was told by Mr Goldstone that the Welsh Government was withdrawing its support for the company because of his business partner's political affiliation, although that has been strenuously denied by the Welsh Government.
The forging of an alliance with Stratex not only delivers funding at a critical time to advance GoldStone's attractive projects, but also leads to GoldStone gaining an experienced and well-funded shareholder with a proven record of turning small- to medium-sized gold assets into cash generating enterprises.
com and millions of other retailers, have a level playing field and can join buying groups for equilibrium in balanced payment terms," Goldstone said.
In his role, Goldstone will be responsible for managing state and local government and not-for-profit clients and prospects, including the origination and structuring of lines of credit, direct loans and placements, standby bond purchase agreements and letter of credit.
Judge Goldstone recently expressed regret of the report, and said he would have reached different conclusions if the Israeli military had been more forthcoming and if he had known the results of subsequent investigations.
Although Israel had publicly defended Operation Cast Lead as a tough but legitimate response to months of cross-border rocket attacks by Hamas militants, Goldstone and his colleagues saw it differently: they concluded that Israel had intentionally targeted civilians in ''a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.
Justice Goldstone mounted a vigorous defence of his work.
Summary: The head of a United Nations investigation that accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza, Richard Goldstone, has said he is disappointed there has been such a "lukewarm" reaction to his
4 (ANI): A non-binding resolution condemning the Goldstone Report, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza, was passed in the US House of Representatives with an overwhelming majority.
The Award provides Goldstone with US$100,000 for his own work and invites him to suggest an additional US$500,000 in support for non-profit organizations working on international justice issues.
Owners Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman remodeled their 1,200-square-foot store in two weekends this spring, making the store not just a shop, but a destination.