goldfish bowl

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Synonyms for goldfish bowl

a state of affairs in which you have no privacy

a transparent bowl in which small fish are kept

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MANY people in Wales keep their fish in tiny goldfish bowls.
There were quotes out at the time of him leaving suggesting he did not like the goldfish bowl.
When Freshwater listed on Aim in July 2007, an external adviser had the bright idea that I should be photographed with a goldfish bowl.
On the cover of her first AUTHOR: Rachel Trezise book, In And Out Of The Goldfish Bowl, the title was misprinted as In And Out Of The GOLFISH Bowl.
Stars include BBC war correspondent Kate Adie, celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright and Maggie's daughter, Carol Thatcher, talking about her new biography, A Swim On Part In The Goldfish Bowl.
Perhaps I can quote Spike Milligan: "If smoking is so good, why not wear a goldfish bowl and keep it all to yourself?
5 46 cm) white draw ing paper, pencils, colored chalks or pastels, flashlight, small round fish bowls with two or three goldfish for each table, lenses/magnifying glasses, prisms, copies of Matisse's Goldfish Bowl painting, a still-life set up that replicates the painting
Mrs Blair was promoting her new book The Goldfish Bowl on the first day of the Cheltenham Festival of Literature.
It goes like this: You dump the inkwell (toxic discharge from industry and sewage systems) into the goldfish bowl (ocean) and the fish all turn belly up and the bowl is without fish.
AMC Pacer: The car masquerading as a goldfish bowl, its unique bulbous glass rear end was a styling cue that was hard to miss.
Some people have asked me if they can just put them in a goldfish bowl,'' he said.
I showed them the comparison of The Goldfish Bowl with Roy Lichtenstein's sculpture, Goldfish Bowl II.
It also is less likely to succeed in the goldfish bowl of contemporary Washington.
In Studio V of 1949-50, its soaring flight can even set into uplifting, vibrant motion the goldfish bowl and its watery prisoner in the lower right corner; and as the poet Pierre Reverdy observed, the shape of the generic bird seems to rhyme with that of the still relatively earthbound palette below it.