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Synonyms for goldfinch

American finch whose male has yellow body plumage in summer

small European finch having a crimson face and yellow-and-black wings

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Bird decoys were created by painting craft store bird models to resemble American Goldfinches and House Wrens.
Two of the species that moved up the rankings this year, blue tits and goldfinches, are adaptable, friendly garden birds and great examples of birds that can flourish with our help.
Our Lady of the Goldfinches is at the Rose Theatre at Ormskirk on April 30, and at the Liverpool Unity on May 8.
Over two consecutive seasons, the researchers fed wild caught goldfinches a high carotenoid diet for two months, followed by a normal diet for two months.
But a few species including jackdaws, whitethroats, woodpigeons and goldfinches recorded increases of more than a fifth in their numbers over the period.
House sparrows were only mildly infectious to naive house finches for a short time, whereas American goldfinches remained infectious for up to 49 days after inoculation, although by then there were no physical signs of disease.
He was found guilty of caging chaffinches, goldfinches and linnet after 22 of the birds, which were not captive-bred, were found distressed with rings on their legs and their heads pushed through the bars.
In particular, the RSPB anticipates there will be changes to the numbers of goldfinches and blue tits.
Two years ago I wrote to say that we had started to have two goldfinches visiting our garden, possibly due to the sunflowers that were in seed.
Kenneth Marshall Long, 55, of Worcester pleaded guilty to intentionally taking a goldfinch from the wild and having in his possession two other goldfinches.
Among the topics of discussion are which weather conditions lend to fall foliage, how wolf spiders catch prey, and why American goldfinches build nests out of the usual spring season.
I have hadup to 30 goldfinches visiting my feeder through the winter.
We set out along Upper Haskell Creek - a restored riparian area - where we saw our first birds: American goldfinches.
Bright yellow, red, orange and pink zinnias account for the goldfinches that flit around our yard all summer.
A handful of the insects turned up on native thistles, whose large seed heads are food for goldfinches and other creatures.