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of yellow tinged with gold

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If you want a more solid gold effect from a shrub, try Choisya Ternata 'Sundance' with aromatic golden-yellow leaves and a host of white flowers.
The aroma of lavender and sweet Meyer lemons (the succulent golden-yellow fruit that surrounds the inn like an edible blanket) seems stronger at night.
The judge had each of the Ten Commandments embroidered in golden-yellow lettering on his solid black judicial robe
Horstmann's Silberlocke') with silver-backed needles that curve up and twist around the stem; and 'Aurea,' a slow-growing, golden-yellow 4-footer.
When the water evaporates, you are left with a golden-yellow crust.
For that was the place where blues, pop and country coalesced into rock 'n' roll, and the sounds that came out of there on Sam Phillips' golden-yellow Sun Records label are still reverberating around the world 50 years later.
This work sets a place for the viewer and serves up a lavish slice of buttery, golden-yellow, store-bought quiche.
This leads to high quality, easy-to-read results in 15 minutes, with either Influenza A or RSV identified by golden-yellow fluorescent cells, and the other six viruses by apple-green fluorescent cells in each respective kit.
It is not the largest of flowers, not very tall, it hangs its head a little and it is a pale yellow rather than a gaudy golden-yellow, but I like it because it looks so natural, a real wild flower.
ALSO known as the winter aconites, the bright golden-yellow flowers appear from January, often popping up through snow.
I thought that later in the summer I would be able to eat the golden-yellow fruits?
Cerumen has a surprising variety of colors, ranging from golden-yellow to light brown to dark brown to black.
The bright golden-yellow patches on their white-spotted black wings are striking.
Not far from Durnstein, going southwest on Highway 3, is Melk Abbey, a splendid golden-yellow baroque structure that dates to before 976 and has 476 rooms, a magnificent church adorned with statuary and a profusion of gold leaf, and a museum of antiquities.