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of green tinged with gold

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Now place your hands on your head, and 'pull' the golden-green energy up into your head, sending it down through your arms to your hands.
Milder in flavor than Tuscan oils, Greek olives produce a golden-green oil which is beloved by chefs for its fresh olive taste and ability to bring out the best in foods.
Hebe Wiri Cloud - a bushy, rounded shrub with distinctive foliage and blooms - golden-green leaves and rich pink flower spikes all summer.
After discovering that detail about the origin of the crystals, he was able to use the golden-green stones as tracers, tracking the chemical and physical path that the magma took as it flowed up to the surface in Antarctica.
The book's cover, taken from a still life by Stone Roberts, is crowded with pears: golden-green, blemished, and erotic.
She covered any exposed soil beneath each plant with golden-green Scotch moss or deep green Irish moss (both are sold in flats at nurseries).
Picture golden-green light glowing around your head, strengthening and healing mind, body and spirit.
New subtle, rich colors such as Ace Hardware's golden-green "River Bank," leafy "Happy Valley," warm "Rhubarb," and grey-blue "Chesapeake" feel fresh but look appropriate in classic interiors.