golden years

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the time of life after retirement from active work

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The Golden Years book showed that Filipino movies adapted other classic stories (local and foreign) for the big screen.
Golden years Enjoy some great activities after getting out of the rat race
Senator Casey and I encourage our colleagues to join our efforts to change the trajectory of our nation by supporting the Nourishing Our Golden Years Act.
Some quarters are claiming that the martial law is the golden years of the Philippines, which is so far from the truth.
Back left, Simon Callow in crime caper Golden Years
Golden Years highlights the invisibility of elderly people in society and the problem of OAPs being fleeced of their cash by robber banks.
Summary: If you have just turned 40 and do not yet have a set plan for your retirement needs in place, it is absolutely imperative for you to start saving for your golden years.
As she enters her golden years, Joan Dunphy may have to go back to work to afford a roof over her head -- and she's not the only senior to find herself in a tough housing situation.
San Francisco's Playland at the Beach: The Golden Years
What the responses reveal is that many in that age group are worried about their golden years, but have yet to make saving for retirement a top priority.
com)-- Golden Years Living Solutions is a new company founded by two local Westchester residents that helps families find suitable senior residences for their loved ones.
Bon Papa: Haiti's Golden Years covers mostly the 1950s, the period which was dominated by the presidency of General Paul Magloire and which Diederich describes as a "magical time" (p.
Jackie is elderly and needs someone to give him a snuggly warm lap for his golden years.
Here he uses his own experience and insights to describe a curve from the golden years 1950-70, to to unproductive legislative ultra-partisanship and near gridlock of today.
Empty nesters and senior couples in particular seem particularly keen to avoid the fate of dentures, as part of the overall baby boomer focus on fitness and vitality well into one's golden years.