golden wattle

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shrubby Australian tree having clusters of fragrant golden yellow flowers

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Thanks to author Hitchcock, the Golden Wattle was named Australia's national floral emblem on September 1, 1988; Hitchcock is now known throughout Australia as The Wattle Lady for her leading role in establishing National Wattle Day.
According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald, the seedlings of the golden wattle, waratah, flannel flower and wollemi pine accompanied NASA astronaut Dr Gregory Chamitoff on his six-month space odyssey.
Then there was the Meredith River gleaming and shining along its stony bed, richly fringed by native flowering shrubs, mingled with garden flowers half-wild, poppies, stocks, wallflowers and bright eyed marigolds looking merrily up, amongst thickets of the golden wattle and snowy tea-tree, whilst on the higher ground huge old gum-trees stand majestically.
The route is strewn with unusual flowers such as Sturt's desert pea and golden wattle.
The knife acacia (Acacia cultriformis) has fascinating triangle-shaped leaves, and the Sydney golden wattle (Acacia longiflora) produces scads of flowers in pendant, butter-yellow chains.