golden thread

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low-growing perennial of North America woodlands having trifoliate leaves and yellow rootstock and white flowers

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THE REALLY WILD SHOW Dates: Thursday 7 Sept - Saturday 21 October Venue: Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast Join Golden Thread Gallery as they explore internet jungles, wild birds and exotic plants with Iain Griffin and his Really Wild Show.
029 2087 8444 THEATRE The Golden Thread Playback Theatre Company Powerful and unique performances where stories from the audience are spontaneously and magically brought to life before your eyes.
To complement the 60 second spot, a series of 30 second spots will further bring the campaign to life through real stories from associates reinforcing our warmth, familiarity and the genuine human connections that has always been our guiding principles and is the golden thread that ties these brands together.
Philadelphia's 1812 Productions; Golden Thread Productions in San Francisco; Oregon's Portland Playhouse; and Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta.
Jariwala means someone that makes golden thread, that is my family's business back in India.
Her Highness is carrying the refugee matter in her heart, weaving the golden thread around it like a mother would hug her child.
The second one is made of 18 pearls hung by a golden thread, while the third necklace is 22.
As she throws a giant bobbin back and forth to create a weft, sunlight catches a glint of golden thread running through the fabric," she writes, "bringing the rest of the colours alive.
Haunting black and white sketches from Cornelia Funke herself grace the pages, depicting faces and scenes in shadow or partially revealed, adding a mysterious element to what is, at heart, a tale of love lost, love gained, and love reinvented as the golden thread of "true love, selfless and deep as the oceans in their most fathomless depths," becomes a tangible tether, coveted by some and cursed by others.
Less of a war story than it may seem, this novel expertly weaves a golden thread of hope through an emotional story about one man and a dog in the Afghani desert.
Safety improvements must be the golden thread that runs through all of these plans.
The way we write originals, film score arrangements and pop covers is to use the thread from all kinds of music, most especially the golden thread of classical music and we weave them together into a tapestry that, if you look at closely, you can see each of the threads and their contribution.
Yes, the Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland Combined Authority is now a golden thread in the rich tapestry of North East political life.
Photos of Scrapper and his parents lined the mantelpiece beneath a red pennant, crossed symbols stitched in golden thread and a tinted portrait of a beardy old man with a mane of white hair.
The model features gold embellishments, headlamp inserts with gold accents, a dragon decal on the bonnet that extends onto the sides of the vehicle, dial surrounds in the instrument panel and floor-mat borders painted in gold, black leather seats stitched with golden thread, which also feature the dragon in gold again.
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