golden thread

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low-growing perennial of North America woodlands having trifoliate leaves and yellow rootstock and white flowers

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Average Amazon Customer Rating: The Golden Thread of Time - ISBN 0-9541639-0-7
His theories are published in his new book The Golden Thread of Time.
The Army's Adjutant General Lt Gen Freddie Viggars told them: "There is a golden thread linking you to the men of Rorke's Drift.
TREND: Asian Inspiration GREAT GIFT: Shimmering short kimonos in exotic prints and jewel-tone colors, or our full-length silk kimono, embroidered with vibrant florals and golden thread.
And "detectives" claim to have tracked down other alleged similarities: l Mr Hague said: "Through the long proud history of the Conservative Party runs a golden thread .
He will go on: "It is time to remind ourselves of the depth of connections and - relationships - what I sometimes call golden thread that links our history as Scotland to that of the UK.
The Golden Thread of Time ISBN 0-9541639-0-7 is available by mail order through www.
Energy, the three leaders agreed, is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity, and an environment that allows the world to thrive.
Lieutenant General Sir Robert Richardson, former Colonel of the Regiment, added: "The golden thread linking the past and over 300 years of service, comradeship, courage and loyalty to crown and country will be fostered and maintained in the present and through to the future.
Sustainable energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, social equity, and a climate and environment that enables the world to thrive.
Indeed I believe there is a golden thread in British history that runs unbroken from that famous day of Magna Carta in Runnymede in 1215 through the Bill of Rights in 1689, where we led the world in the pursuit of liberty, right through to our role in World War Two.
The golden thread which binds the men and women of our two countries have been woven during the course of whole generations for nearly two centuries and it can never be broken, Dr Ramgoolam said.
We are celebrating our 30th anniversary and have just opened a new centre of excellence for dementia care in Caernarfon where once again the arts provide the golden thread running through everything we do.
Safety improvements must be the golden thread that runs through all of these plans.
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