golden shiner

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shiner of eastern North America having golden glints

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1981) found Golden Shiner at six stations on Big Creek tributaries, many of which were sampled in the current study.
Golden shiners Notemigonus crysoleucas also have been documented spawning over nests of M.
Among the exceptions, the species occurring with less frequency are the golden shiner (number 3), the lake chubsucker (number 13), the yellow bullhead (15), and the grass pickerel (18).
The Golden Shiner was rare within the survey area ([less than or equal to]1.
They caught about 3,500 golden shiners and about 50 horned pout and 20 crawfish - some of which were sucked up when water was removed and deposited into a parking lot, where students scurried around picking them up and placing them in buckets.
Right in a row, I caught a bass, pickerel, perch, black crappies, bluegills, pumpkinseed, bullhead and a golden shiner," Armstrong said.
You can stop at a bait shop for golden shiners that bass can't resist and Missouri minnows that specks slurp like candy, or you can go artificial and toss soft plastics such as flukes, worms and lizards for bass and tiny marabou jigs for the specks.
For an experimental test of the odd effects, study coauthor Christos Ioannou, now at the University of Bristol in England, worked with small freshwater fish called golden shiners, which have a very strong tendency to stick together in schools, Like other animals such as bees, these fish can learn to associate food with some colors (yellow for the fish) much more readily than with other colors.
Also, the plan calls for stocking larger predacious trout periodically if needed to limit the population of invasive fish species, such as the golden shiners discovered in the lake last summer.
Golden shiners were injected with glochidia a year before the experiment took place.
Other forage includes crawdads, golden shiners and baby bass.
Goldfish, along with guppies, fathead minnows, and golden shiners, feed on mosquito larvae.
Fish species to be evaluated include large mouth bass, yellow perch, brown bullhead, golden shiners, fat head minnows and crayfish.
The reward fund was started after large numbers of golden shiners, a baitfish, were discovered in the lake.