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the proportional relation between two divisions of line or two dimension of a plane figure such that short : long :: long : (short + long)


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It is clear, that first irrational maxima must be connected with golden section.
Where Golden Section and Power embody the brutality of restriction and control, Merely a Mistake is transcendent.
If you want to see the Golden Section in action, you don't need to visit the Parthenon and observe its perfect facade.
I see geometry and the golden section in beer pumps and repeated in dogs' hind legs.
The resolution is realized using golden section method.
That is followed by The Golden Section, billed as something which "shatters the limits of human physicality with breathtaking leaps, finely-honed partnering and explosive joy".
The Golden Section is pure physicality with non-stop movement as dancers leap, twist and throw each other around the stage to music by David Byrne.
Twyla Tharp's The Golden Section, a recent addition to the repertoire, is a big smiley work-out in sporty yellow outfits to a typically brittle score by David Byrne, incorporating one of my favourites from the Talking Heads songbook, What a Day That Was.
His theories surrounded triangles, the geometric shapes of the eyes, nose, lips and chin, and the use of the mathematical ratio Phi (not Pi), which is known as the Golden Section or Divine Proportion.
Click on 66 and, following a brief period, measured by a horizontally sliding bar mapping loading time, up pops a Golden Section box with a square image of this New York restaurant on the left and the explanatory text in sans serif on the right.
The Golden Section Labs has released WinOrganizer v.
The Golden Section by Pernille Rygg (Harvill Press, pounds 10)
The numerical values inherent in the sonnet structure--not only 11 and 14, but also 154 (the total number of syllables in a sonnet), 22 and 7 (the numerical elements of [pi] in their respective proportional relationships with 11 and 14), and the ratio 4:3 (or 8:6, octave to sestet)--are thus neither arbitrarily devised nor adapted from existing models in a tradition of literary forms, but chosen precisely for their power to signify key mathematical ideas, especially those connected with squaring the circle and the so-called Golden Section (in the late medieval discussion of which these very numbers, as Potters exhaustively demonstrates, recur over and over again).
The Golden Rectangle has its sides in the ratio of the Golden Section.
Norgard went even further, making refined use of the golden section in rhythmic levels and limited use of the natural overtone series in harmony.