golden rule

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a command based on Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount

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While the golden rule is so simple that a child can follow it, it is complicated, paradoxical and daunting for adults who are trying to manage large companies.
The beauty of the Golden Rule is that it takes our own self-interest and extends it to everybody else.
Golden Rule was an application that includes some 2014 data because the policies affected have an experience period that runs from July 1 through June 30.
I'm not saying it's made me any money but it's my golden rule.
The experimental run project permitted the Golden Rule Project the chance to adjust this vital message and to check the scholars' responses to the different segments of this new mystery show.
com, an interactive online resource developed by Golden Rule to educate consumers about the advantages that HSAs offer.
Let this country, like the first, apply the golden rule, and so it ends with a market rate of interest higher than that of the first country.
Yet, the dominant role of religious essentialism is demonstrated in both the theme and program for the 2011 NAIN Connect, "Many Lands, Many Faiths, One Common Principle--The Golden Rule.
So putting the Golden rule to good use, we do unto each other what we want done to us -- and it doesn't work at all.
Kathleen Taylor, the company president and chief executive officer, said 'Four Seasons has always been guided by the Golden Rule - treating others as we would like to be treated.
The researchers found that the golden rule had no effect in raising people's level of compassion in their attitudes toward gays.
After distinguishing the Golden Rule from other ideas and principles with which it is sometimes associated, I embark upon a defense of the Golden Rule as a principle of fairness.
And here's a golden rule - if you see T+T, cup your man boobs and run swiftly in the other direction.
The IFS predicted that Mr Brown will "declare victory" in meeting his golden rule of balancing the current budget, excluding investment, across the economic cycle, when he presents his final Budget next month or in April.