golden retriever

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an English breed having a long silky golden coat

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PHOENIX -- edatanetworks today announced a recent multi-year agreement with Golden Retriever Systems to provide settled transaction data, which will enhance the functionality of edatanetworks' Web-based application software for both Automated Cause Marketing (ACM) and Pure Loyalty.
The plight of the Golden Retriever in Turkey began several years ago," Genkinger explained, "because having a golden retriever puppy was considered a status symbol there.
The Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) has in its files a picture taken in Texas between 1891 and 1894 of this Archie Marjoribanks with a golden retriever.
I will be happy to talk to golden retriever enthusiasts on 01738-624751.
MEET BILLY: A beautiful Golden Retriever who needs a new home
The physios introduced a guide dog to her sessions and this immediately stimulated her so we purchased a golden retriever puppy and Isabel has named her Primrose Lily after her childhood teddy bear.
Katie Meakin with golden retriever Theo and his Guide Dog Of The Year award.
It's important to never say, 'I can't do XYZ because I have a golden retriever.
Years ago, before e-colfars, Big Jim did his best Michaef Phelps impersonation and dove in after his golden retriever after the dog blew off a dead duck about 50 yards away.
Guide Dogs for the Blind uses yellow and black Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, German shepherds and Labrador/golden retriever crosses as guides.
Tom Davis' Why Goldens Do That: A Collection Of Curious Golden Retriever Behaviors (159543248, $15.
A NORTH Wales golden retriever won a top guide dog competition after helping his owner lead a more independent life.
A case in point: the Vancouver producers behind the 100-per-cent-Canadian MVP/Air Bud franchise arguably have the best box-office record over the past 10 years with MVP (18 weeks), Air Bud (12 weeks), MVP2 (8 weeks) and Air Bud: Golden Retriever (7 weeks), yet the cognoscenti still ignore the fact that we make commercial films.
Steve Saubert of Florence flies his small plane about once a week with his dog, Nigel, a golden retriever, in the rear.
MAN'S BFF His golden retriever pup Boo is Scotty's No.
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