golden rain

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an ornamental shrub or tree of the genus Laburnum

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Japanese crabapple Full Moon Japanese map ple Golden Rain tree Laburnum arch Cascading golden flowers can be trained to stunning effect Sunburst Honey Locust tree BRIGHT IDEA: Fairy lights
We were looking at ways we could develop our Oriental planting and this has presented us with a perfect opportunity - we now plan to plant a Chinese Golden Rain Tree on the site, which couldn't be more apt.
Laburnum is also called Golden Rain Tree or Golden Chain, and related species, such as Scotch laburnum are equally toxic.
The judges described Golden Rain as "a spectacular bright yellow of excellent form"; and Pink Splendour as "a stunning mauve-pink spider".
The trees include Japanese blue oaks, golden rain trees and chaste trees.
The decrepit and monstrous rhetorical edifice in question is too long to quote in full, so I'll restrict myself to a single parenthesis: "Maeterlinck, the only one after them among all the symbolists proper who accomplishes the miracle of opening the blue plush box of Serres Chaudes (Hot greenhouses) and Chansons (Songs) on a woman's back streaming with golden rain.
PCM has been a long-standing partner of Leisure World and has always shared our vision in creating one of the premier active adult communities in Southern California," stated Milt Robbins, president of the Golden Rain Foundation at Leisure World.
My own fortunes on the track were a little less noteworthy but I had hard luck in Limerick with Tyrone Golden Rain.
The Golden Rain Tree was recently added to the list of host trees.
You must remove the remaining stump and replant with one 48-inch Box Golden Rain tree using a root control barrier where the curb is marked,'' the citation went on.
At Ballindenisk, Paurick saddled Tyrone Golden Rain to finish third in a hot race.
Lilacs love lime, as do maple trees, fruiting and flowering trees, golden chain and golden rain trees, daphne, dianthus, genista, privets and honeysuckles, and do not forget the clematis and the delphiniums
The city will use eight to 10 different varieties of trees, including Modesto ash, golden rain, Chinese flame, and Chinese elm.
GOLDEN Rain Tree or Pride of India (Koelreuteria paniculata, to give it its proper name) has foliage flushed with red when it appears in spring.
He finished nine lengths clear of seasonal debutant Oscar Delta and a further length ahead of multiple open winner Tyrone Golden Rain.