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evergreen liana widely cultivated for its variegated foliage

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The microbial strains were isolated from the roots of Golden Pothos plants and from the carbon particles nearby the roots in the bio-filter in the Zhang Lab at Syracuse University (Wang and Zhang 2010).
Samples were collected from Golden Pothos roots and pebbles in the bio-filter chamber (Figure 1).
All samples from Golden Pothos roots and the carbon pebbles in this study were obtained from a bio-filter chamber based on the Wolverton design (Figure 1).
Areca Palm Lady Palm Bamboo Palm Rubber Plant Dracaena "Janet Craig" English Ivy Dwarf Date Palm Ficus Alii Boston Fern Peace Lily Corn Plant Golden Pothos Kimberley Queen Florist's Mum Gerbera Daisy Dracaena "Warneckei" Dragon Tree Red Emerald Philodendron Syngonium Dumb Cane Parlor Palm Weeping Fig Schefflera Wax Begonia Lacy Tree Philodendron Heart-Leaf Philodendron Snake Plant Elephant Ear Philodendron Norfolk Island Pine King of Hearts
Testing in sealed chambers, Wolverton found that philodendrons and golden pothos were excellent formaldehyde controllers; gerbera daisy and chrysanthemums were impressive benzene purgers; pot mums and peace lilies were highly rated for TCE removal.
In addition, "Spider plants and golden pothos purify the air of formaldehyde, which is released from insulation, plywood, rugs, and carpeting.
These range from low- and mid-light plants including Variegated Philodendron, Golden Pothos and Dallas Ferns, to high-light plants such as English Ivy and the Purple Waffle Plant, all selected by the design team for their detoxifying, high-oxygen producing properties that improve overall air quality.
He estimates that 15 to 20 golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum, Scindapsus aureus) and spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) can clean and refresh the air when placed in a 1,800-square-foot home or office.
Other good performers are Dracaena massangeana; peace lily, or spathiphyllum; and golden pothos.