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plovers of Europe and America having the backs marked with golden-yellow spots

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On NNRs up and down the country, spring sees the return of migratory waders such as golden plover and curlew, while whinchat and ring ouzel start to appear on our upland heaths and moors.
Hen harriers and golden plovers are both protected under European law because of their low numbers but an RSPB study found that bird populations fell by up to 53 per cent if their nests were within 500 metres of a turbine.
The new research, by a team of bird experts, including Newcastle University's Dr Mark Whittingham, spells out for the first time how climate change may affect upland bird species like the golden plover - perhaps pushing it towards local extinction by the end of the century.
His stories introduce readers to anglers who attest to declining populations of striped sea bass, bird-watchers looking for golden plovers, and researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
Autumn hunt species legally shot by Maltese hunters include skylarks, song thrushes, golden plovers and woodcocks.
Up to three black necked grebes were recorded last spring and in the winter 100 wigeons, 600 golden plovers and 400 lapwings are regular visitors.
In the meantime, Golden Plovers are gaining the black underparts of summer plumage.
The trust says that Fairlop Waters and the adjoining Fairlop Plain is home to a large and diverse range of nationally and internationally protected species, which include skylarks, corn buntings, golden plovers, brown hare and adders.
Lydia Tague, of RSPB Saltholme, said: "At this time of year we get some great seasonal visitors onto our reserve such as golden plovers and blacktailed godwits, which means there is always something different to look out for.
He said: "In good condition, the habitat provides a home for wading birds such as golden plovers and dunlins and special plants such as the insecteating sundew.
It had already departed, but the walk to Carmel Head featured plenty of migrants, with whinchat, marsh harrier and golden plovers, plus at least 60 whimbrel, one with coloured rings hatched in Sweden.
5 sq m barn in Gloucestershire and home to lesser horseshoe bats to huge areas such as 37,000 hectares of the Humber estuary, where a colony of grey seals and 50,000 golden plovers are found.
Councillors also heard yesterday Npower Renewables accepted the turbines, almost as big as the London Eye, would kill some red kites, kestrels and golden plovers plus bats.
And Golden Plovers have moved down from the uplands to join them.