golden plover

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plovers of Europe and America having the backs marked with golden-yellow spots

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The golden plover has seen more than an 80% reduction in its numbers in recent decades in many areas.
Surveys undertaken by independent consultancy Ecology Matters reveal on Plynlymon in mid Wales numbers of golden plover have declined by 92% since 1984 with only one pair remaining; red grouse have declined by 48% and four species - teal, peregrine, ring ouzel and black headed gull are now extinct in this area.
The company, which began brewing on Valentine's Day in 2006, brew three core beers, Golden Plover, Allendale Wolf and Wag Tail, and they have a seasonal fourth ale which changes dependent on the time of year.
Some birds are most easily ringed at night when they're feeding on sheep fields - birds such as Woodcock and Golden Plover - and several Mid Wales ringers have put in many nocturnal hours in this quest in recent years.
But I could have been talking about lapwing or golden plover, to name but two.
The moors are home to bird species, such as merlin, golden plover, curlew, peregrine falcon, lapwing, dunlin snipe, redshank, common sand-piper, short -eared owl, whinchat, wheatear, ring ouzel and twite.
Sand Martin, Golden Plover, Blk Guillemot, Chough, Crossbill, Peregrine @A470training: Just had great news, Tess has been found in Mid Wales (no news of pup yet) THANK YOU for all your help searching for the #trawsfynyddtwo xxx @DavidRPhotos: Just had great news, Tess has been found in Mid Wales (no news of pup yet) THANK YOU for all your help searching for the #trawsfynyddtwo xxx @WayneRooney: I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas, I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address @jameslynden: Other side of office.
Shooting groups point out that the management of the moorlands for red grouse also benefits other wildlife, including birds such as the curlew and golden plover, and protects natural resources such as peat, which stores carbon.
On NNRs up and down the country, spring sees the return of migratory waders such as golden plover and curlew, while whinchat and ring ouzel start to appear on our upland heaths and moors.
Birds such as bewick swans, redwings, fieldfares and golden plover have been attracted to Britain by the big freeze which has hit Siberia and the rest of Europe over the last few weeks, according to the region's ornithologists.
The blanket bog and lower moorland slopes provide homes to important populations of rare birds, such as hen harrier, peregrine falcon, merlin, golden plover, black grouse and skylark.
It provides the incentive to manage the moors sustainably for the long-term through habitat management such as controlled heather burning and to carry out predator control to benefit ground-nesting birds such as curlew, golden plover and lapwing, and birds of prey such as Merlin.
They say it will hamper efforts to encourage Little Ringed Plovers to nest and breed at the site and that it could also affect the wintering flocKs of Golden Plover and Lapwing.
Maintaining stocks of red grouse, a bird found only in Britain, requires effectively managing their moorland home, which has benefits for a range of other wildlife including birds such as the curlew and golden plover, the GWCT said.