golden parachute

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giving top executives lucrative benefits that must be paid by the acquirer if they are discharged after a takeover

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It's part of a trend that's happening, you're seeing fewer golden parachutes in publicly traded companies; that's having an effect in nonprofits," he said.
The agency defines golden parachutes as payments that are "contingent on the termination of that person's employment and received when the credit union making the payment is troubled, capitalized or insolvent.
As for the deductibility of the compensation payments, the court said it depends on whether they are prohibited golden parachute payments.
Talks were held for weeks earlier this year but broke down after Sir Martin discovered the golden parachute schemes.
or the CEO will be dangling from his golden parachute in short order.
It seems unlikely that the Mister Rogers act will lessen the sting of unemployment for Mobil workers who have no golden parachute.
By late 1985, Anderson's main concerns had shifted to fighting off a hostile corporate raider and nailing down a golden parachute for himself.
The Say on Golden Parachute White Paper is available at http://pearlmeyer.
CUNA Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Mary Mitchell Dunn wrote that the board should permit credit unions to make golden parachute payments to former executives of insolvent or CAMEL 4 or 5 credit unions if the executive "was not involved in causing the loss.
Question of the day: When Roy Romer retires from the district what are the details of his golden parachute, keeping in mind he collects a pretty nice one from his stint as governor of Colorado?
The FDIC's regulations on golden parachute payments (or any agreement to make any payment), found in 12 CFR 359, are discussed.
For an executive, a golden parachute is a very good severance package.
WHEN energy boss Sir Richard Giordano left BG Group, he didn't just get a golden parachute but an office to match.
Auditors examining these businesses will focus on nonqualified deferred compensation, stock-based compensation, the $1 million cap on deductions for compensation paid to public company officers, golden parachute arrangements, split-dollar life insurance, fringe benefits and the use of two "listed transactions" (those specifically identified by the IRS as tax-avoidance transactions or expected to produce the same or similar tax consequences).
At least 35 companies have added language to their mission statements stipulating that any executive who negotiates a merger or buyout while in a goose blind automatically forfeits his stock options and golden parachute.