golden parachute

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giving top executives lucrative benefits that must be paid by the acquirer if they are discharged after a takeover

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Among the related issues noted in The Conference Board report were those on golden parachutes, which are severance packages often given to higher-ranking employees.
The least common continued to be an evergreen provision and golden parachute, at less than 11 percent for each.
Another interesting trend is that golden parachute amounts as a percentage of the target's equity value tend to increase as deals become smaller.
The largest ever golden parachute was warded to John Welch, the former chief of General Electric.
The board also approved a final rule that would prohibit federally insured credit unions that are insolvent, in conservatorship or have ratings of CAMEL 4 and 5 from offering golden parachutes to their executives.
The key features of the rule dictate when companies must allow shareholders a voluntary "say on pay" and a voluntary vote on golden parachutes when the company is the target of a takeover or merger.
And should Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ultimately gain control of the district and fire him, Brewer is guaranteed a golden parachute.
Executive's $400 million golden parachute and when companies' yearly net profits outdo even Wal-Mart.
Examiners focus on those issues which most would agree are significant and often highly complex, such as stock-based compensation, the million-dollar cap on compensation and golden parachute payments.
The FDIC's regulations on golden parachute agreements are found in 12 CFR 359 and are discussed in this manual section.
WHEN energy boss Sir Richard Giordano left energy outfit BG group, he didn't just get a golden parachute but an office to match.
To prevent the hostile takeover, Square D adopted compensation arrangements with its executives that included sizable golden parachute payments.
02), a new treatise that covers information on legal requirements concerning compensation elements, including employment, severance and golden parachute provisions, annual and long-term incentive plans, deferred compensation, executive benefits, and perquisites.
Some of those being laid off have between $25,000 to $100,000 golden parachute severance pay that they can use to purchase a business.
Well, shareholders must have approved that golden parachute, and a big chunk of their money went out of the value of their stock and into Jill Barad's pocket