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bright yellow songbird with black wings

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A flurry of Golden Oriole records in Wales this spring are lost migrants: two on Bardsey, one on Anglesey, and the most recent near Llanfair TH, a village that rarely makes the birding headlines.
GOLD was struck twice last week with two golden orioles (euryn) - one from Soldier's Point, Holyhead and the second bird at the mainland hotspot of Porth Meuddwy, Aberdaron.
Colin Wilkinson, of RSPB West Midlands, said: "While we may soon start to see colourful and exotic-looking hoopoes, golden orioles and bee-eaters in the West Midlands more frequently, this paper shows us that on the whole, climate change is really bad news for wildlife.
Woodcocks, chaffinches, magpies, cuckoos, golden orioles, wood warblers and hawfinches are also among the 43 species affected.
Bardsey Island hosted black redstarts, golden orioles and an icterine warbler, though rarer was a paddyfield warbler ringed on the Dee's Hilbre Island.