golden oldie

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a song that was formerly popular


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But what is also really interesting is how many golden oldies made it into the top 10, with the likes of Barry White, Al Green and Marvin Gaye holding their own alongside the biggest stars of today.
IT was supposed to be the crowning glory for Glenn Hoddle's golden oldies, and yet it was the thirtysomethings who cost Tottenham dearly at the Millennium Stadium.
Golden Oldie Kaiser (543) is not just a golden oldie but one of our long-term residents.
THESE golden oldie revivals just get more and more gorgeous.
There are classes for pedigree dogs, obedience classes and novelty classes to find the dog with the best waggy tail, the best fancy dress and the best golden oldie.
Last month, Blackburn was temporarily suspended from Classic Gold after he ripped up an e-mail warning him to steer clear of Sir Cliff Richard's golden oldie tunes.
Rangers manager Alex McLeish last night threw the door open again to golden oldie Alex Rae by insisting that age would not stand in the way of the midfielder's dream move to Ibrox, writes Ged Scott.
Taken singly, some of David Hockney's best-known paintings are physically unrewarding, but their imagery remains as plangent as a golden oldie.
Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman, said: "It's quite surprising to see so few songs from recent times in the top 10 listing which goes to show that the Golden Oldie s really do stand the test of time.
Aged 19 in dog years and 133 in human terms, golden oldie Blackie was the oldest dog ever to arrive at Battersea.
BLING BOX Golden tribute in Eglinton yesterday GOLDEN OLDIE Jason's grandfather Robert Smyth MEDAL MEN Jason and Michael McKillop are greeted by Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Dublin
CLASH OF THE TITANS - March 26 After the global sensation of Avatar, Sam Worthington returns as a swords and sandals hero in this re-make of the Greek legend golden oldie.
GOLDEN oldie Steve Davis OBE is assured of his place in the top 16 of the world snooker rankings at the age of 50.
A GOLDEN oldie in every sense of the word, Bella Davies (played by Rachel Thomas) was one of the Brynawelon stalwarts.
Golden oldie Charlie bagged a prize reel with a smaller carp.