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the proportional relation between two divisions of line or two dimension of a plane figure such that short : long :: long : (short + long)

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the middle between extremes

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The Golden Mean MCC solution requires high performance integration between the Coral8 Engine, used for real-time event processing, and DB2, used for high-volume event and results warehousing.
Besides, she highlighted the international radiance enjoyed by the Tunisian exemplary model in giving concrete shape to women's rights, consolidating their gains and disseminating the values of tolerance, solidarity and the golden mean, as well as their eminent contributions to strengthening joint Arab action, with a view taking up the modernisation challenges facing Arab societies.
He stressed that the Programme would enhance the attributes of good governance and the rule of law, consolidate the pluralistic democratic process and contribute to bolstering the foundations of society of the golden mean, moderation, tolerance, solidarity and modernity.
Created in 2002 by the President of the Republic, this prize rewards any physical or natural person for his contribution to enhance the influential image of Islam as a religion and civilisation that advocates the values of tolerance, golden mean and dialogue.
Like all elements of the hotel, the Lobby Chairs were designed based on the Golden Mean, a universal design constant that has been used to assure beauty and balance in art, architecture, music and design for centuries.
22, 2009 (TAP)- Tunisian and foreign religious cadres, intellectuals, professors and researchers participating in the international symposium held under the patronage of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on the theme: "Sheikh Mohamed El Fadhel Ben Achour and Issues of Revival of Religious Thought and Modernisation of Islamic Societies" commended the Head of State's sustained interest in the sublime Islamic religion, his keenness to consecrate its noble values based on moderation, the golden mean, tolerance, openness and Ijtihad and his constant encouragement to enriching the enlightened thought of Ijtihad.
Golden Mean, a Sydney-based total data management consultancy firm, today announced that it has signed an agreement with California-based Contivo, Inc.
In actual fact, facing up these challenges requires ensuring consensus among world youths, builders of the present and pillars of the future, around such universal values like tolerance, the golden mean and moderation, rejection of violence and extremism, in addition to their need to be imbued with the culture of solidarity, peace and rapprochement, to instill in them the sense of creativity, initiative and voluntary work.
The minister briefed his guest on the programme of this celebration through which Tunisia has sought to highlight the role of Kairouan in spreading the culture of tolerance, moderation and golden mean.
Based on timeless beauty found in nature and realized through the Golden Mean (or Phi) the design and decor of Hotel Indigo creates a warm welcoming environment that invites guests to 'curl up.
The Information Superhighway can become an on-ramp to the Wisdom Path when we re-discover the Golden Mean and the Golden Rule.
AIA, President of The Golden Mean Group of Madison, Connecticut, "Ask the Architect" will provide visitors to GolfCourseHome.
A seasoned teacher and artist (watercolor, primarily), Hofstetter discusses pattern, passage, focal area, color, design, the golden mean, and emotional depth, for beginning painters as well as those with experience looking for a better grasp of fundamentals.
Susan Mansourian, grade 9, Reseda High School, ``Fibonacci numbers and the golden mean.