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a lucrative severance agreement offered to an employee (usually as an incentive to retire)

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In a verdict, three judges upheld the choice of the High Court saying the organization has to pay its former workers severance pay, transportation and golden handshake.
If they take the time to look at the ridiculous money paid to pop singers, footballers, incompetent businessmen (and the golden handshakes to get rid of them) and the ever mounting salaries of our politicians, they would realise that now is the time to consider their place in the scheme of things.
A RECORD number of company executives received golden handshakes of more than pounds 1 million last year, a new report has shown.
Instead of cash, the winner receives a week's worth of television advertising, an hour on ``Oprah,'' book deals, golden handshakes with the city's top power brokers and, most important, a TV audience hungry for quality entertainment.
As a condition for taking over Stuttgart, Anderson demanded carte blanche for the necessary bloodletting, and twenty-five dancers, both with and without tenure, were given golden handshakes, found other jobs, or let go.
The golden handshakes are an insult to people struggling in Britain.
It's time to secure judgement on the Prime Minister's "we're all in this together" statement - and recent golden handshakes to Welsh Assembly Members, too.
Some top dogs may decide to go but it will be final salary pensions and golden handshakes for them.
However, I would hope that employees of such a "tax-funded" bank will not be paid ridiculous salaries, pensions, golden handshakes or other perks.
Then we have the Labour party that support top bosses receiving golden handshakes, while its workers cannot afford to pay the bills.
This is a statement which is made every year by all governments, but these low wage increases don't ever include MPs' obscene wage and expense increases, or the bonuses and golden handshakes of company bosses.
But the financial difficulties have been made far worse by the payment of pounds 86 million in golden handshakes over the past 18 years.
A CAMPAIGN for free nappies,a business seminar advertised after it had taken place,and golden handshakes for retiring councillors, were all nominated for awards in a special Tory competition.
Golden handshakes to encourage students to take science, maths and engineering degrees are being considered by the Welsh Assembly Government, it confirmed last night.
In this country we have company directors who are in receipt of golden handshakes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds even millions.