golden handshake

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a lucrative severance agreement offered to an employee (usually as an incentive to retire)

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Justices Kihara Kariuki, Kathurima M'Inoti and Jamila Mohamed said Telkom should pay its control and unionisable team the comparative of two-and-a-half months' primary wage for each year of completed service, Sh40,000 in transportation considerations and at least Sh150 million Golden Handshakes.
There are many who have worked for 25 years, and possibly over their lifetime - 50 years or more - without any so-called golden handshake, and did not expect one.
It is time for people power to tell these crooks you're sacked and there will be no golden handshake and no pension for fiddling their expenses over the years that they have been in Parliament.
It looks like what Stuckey really wants is a golden handshake - some nifty settlement cash to take with him on his way out the door.
For too long, failure has been seen as a way to a golden handshake and a nice little pension.
How can anyone justify a golden handshake of pounds 9 million?
I REFER to the letter from Ray Irwin (You Say, April 25) regarding no golden handshake for his wife after 25 years' loyal service to the NHS.
Comment OF THE DAY I AM appalled that former transport minister Stewart Stevenson has been given a golden handshake of pounds 7000.
But then she said she needed the golden handshake to '"help put food on the table for my family until December'".
So why was he allowed to resign with this nice golden handshake, and what of the poor victims of his depravity that his viewing paid for?
The manager picks up a pounds 2 million golden handshake for his failure.
No doubt he will leave with a huge golden handshake.
Golden handshake payments, widely regarded as tax-free, are being increasingly shackled by HM Revenue & Customs.
On Thursday, he made his choice and fired Stuckey, who has threatened to sue and almost certainly will wind up with the same kind of golden handshake that so many City Hall officials have received over the years.
So, in the few frantic hours that sealed the deal, United reluctantly agreed to give Stam a golden handshake.