golden handshake

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a lucrative severance agreement offered to an employee (usually as an incentive to retire)

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The protesters said if they were sacked without pension or golden handshake, they would continue their protest and even extend it to other parts of the country, they threatened.
The company in pursuance of the Act passed by the provincial assembly has offered Voluntary Golden Handshake amount to the defunct SDA staff.
The workers who were been fired in stage one were not compensated any Golden Handshake in contrast to their counterparts in stage two.
They argue that she should get a golden handshake, meaning a five- or six-figure payment as a consultant, which usually entails slapping together a report that no one reads.
After an initial flurry of projects--including a golden handshake commission at Hopkins' offices in Marylebone--Snell Associates has been relatively quiet.
The pair will be handed a month's wages as a golden handshake after the club's decision to go into temporary administration two weeks ago.
NEW YORK -- Big company CEOs are on the move - out of their corner offices, with many of these departing leaders receiving some form of a golden handshake.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is not considering to lay off employees nor any funds have been allocated for golden handshake scheme in the airlines, Spokesman of PIA Danyal Gillani here on Saturday said.
SIR - What is the difference between people receiving benefits to survive and politicians who have their childcare, food, wine, spirits, beer, accommodation, gold plated pensions, golden handshake, travelling expenses, offices, heating, stationery and sundries paid by us?
I EXPECT like myself, many readers would be surprised to find that NHS employees have been entitled to a golden handshake on retirement, albeit as Ray Irwin states "nothing substantial" - pounds 10 for every year of service and pounds 150 for food for a celebration.
OF THE DAY I AM appalled that former transport minister Stewart Stevenson has been given a golden handshake of pounds 7000.
KARACHI, March 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): Sindh High Court (SHC) has annulled the earlier decision of subordinate court, regarding golden handshake of 400 employees of agriculture department.
WHEN is the Justice Department going to step in and have the bunch of crooks, who are supposed to represent us in Parliament, arrested for fraud before they are allowed to pick up their golden handshake plus a pension, at taxpayers' expense?
Dear me, what a silly world we live in when important things to tax payers, such as reported again in the DP, the Denbighshire council's outgoing Chief Executive's golden handshake details or the reason for his speedy departure.
Members of the Communication Workers Union held a rally in Manchester which heard demands that Royal Mail chairman Allan Leighton should not receive a golden handshake when he steps down next March.