golden eagle

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large eagle of mountainous regions of the northern hemisphere having a golden-brown head and neck

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I've been going birding in Scotland for the last 10 years and I've seen quite a few golden eagles there," he said.
Another male swift fox in South Dakota was partially consumed by a Golden Eagle while still in a trap (van Ballenberghe 1975).
CONTACT: Sabrina Martinez, Investor Relations of Golden Eagle International, Inc.
Fellow Golden Eagle Samuel Fisher adds, "I like the things I have learned.
Cecere says he is concerned the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act does not protect the habitat areas around eagle nests as the ESA does.
We are proud to be such a long-standing partner and thank Golden Eagle for trusting us with their business for 40 years," said Robert Sanchez, President of Global Fleet Management Solutions for Ryder.
This governmental intervention against the cooperative, and potential legal issues surrounding the ownership rights of the 5,000-acre mining concession that Golden Eagle purchased from the United Cangalli Cooperative, have led the company to temporarily suspend operations at the Cangalli mine.
In January of 2002, Golden Eagle Distributors dedicated a new $4 million facility in the town of Buckeye.
CONTACT: Investor Relations, Sabrina Martinez of Golden Eagle International, Inc.
Certain business practices by the management of Golden Eagle Insurance Company have put both the company and consumers at risk,'' Quackenbush said.
The loan commitment comes after Golden Eagle estimated in February of 2007 that the most sampled core area of its eluvial gold deposit in the C Zone contained 630,000 m3 (approximately 1.
The cost of the Golden Eagle Passport - an annual pass that allows entrance to national parks, refuges, recreation areas, historic sites and monuments that charge entrance fees - has doubled in price to $50 under a new program designed to improve financing for federal properties around the country.