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aquatic plant of the southeastern United States having blue-green leaves and a spadix resembling a club covered with tiny yellow flowers

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It was my Golden club team boosted by Dave Watson, the old Everton centre-half, and former Sunderland goalkeeper Iain Hesford.
The bad news however is that the golden club has closed its doors for the moment with just 280 young couples on its books.
The arum family also offers several very early bloomers, such as jack-in-the-pulpit, the aquatic plant called golden club and skunk cabbage, the stinky perfume of which draws pollinating flies.
Perez Hilton applauds her exclaiming, "[Sounds like] Ibiza meets the streets", and The Hollywood Reporter calls her, "[The] next golden club girl"
Tenders are invited for improvement of under ground drainage system at goala par road from golden club near pre.
Airline Class Type of Aircraft Seats Layout Air China Business Class B747 40 2-2 Cathay Pacific Business Class B747 56 2-2 China Southern PremiumBusiness B777 18 2-2-2 EVA Airways Super Business B747 34 2-2 Malaysia Airlines Golden Club B747 60 2-2 Northwest Airlines World Business B747 66 2-2/2-3-2 Singapore Airlines Raffles Class B777 42 2-3-2 Thai Airways Royal Executive B747 50 2-2 United Airlines United Business B777 49 2-3-2 Airline Pitch Width Private Lounge In-seat Video Air China 55 21 Yes No Cathay Pacific 50 20 Yes Yes China Southern 60 21.
Spurs have always been the golden club of London, and at the moment some people see them falling behind Arsenal and Chelsea.
Confidence justified Whatever It Takes landed a gamble in the 1m4f handicap, denying Golden Clubs.
50: WHATEVER IT TAKES (F M Berry, 11-2) 1; Golden Clubs (4-1) 2; Magical Moon (10-1) 3.