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(Old Testament) an idol made by Aaron for the Israelites to worship

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It is as much edged in your psyche as it is in the Harlem church leaders' and your dearest golden calves.
Put differently, the narratives describe humanity's progression through time, but the fundamental goal of the narratives is to make a point that is timeless and normative for all humanity: no Eden without rebellion, no Torah without the freedom and propensity to construct golden calves.
Our country's preoccupation with Jackson's death illuminated for me the role of celebrities in our society: They are cultural golden calves that distract us from being present to one another and from recognizing the sacred working in our midst.
We tend to cross the line by creating golden calves of self-worship or exalting mortals as "princes" and "caesars.
Celebrities are the golden calves of today," said Shaw.
I won't be worship ping any golden calves in the middle of the desert in 2004,I can tell you,but what's that I smell?
John Stapleford's book, Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves, provides a useful overview of economic analysis and covers a variety of important public policy issues--from a Christian perspective.
The Buddhist would want to expand the definition of idolatry from just golden calves and such to include the concept of anyone's name, for example.