golden boy

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a man who is unusually successful at an early age


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In 2002, De La Hoya became the first Hispanic to form a national boxing promotional company when he founded Golden Boy Promotions in Los Angeles; the company is now one of professional boxing's most active and respected promoters.
Golden Boy is at once the composer, producer, engineer, lyricist and performer of his tracks, which find acceptance in locales as disparate as Moscow and Tokyo.
Mayweather's Adviser Leonard Ellerbe said when the undefeated boxer steps back in the boxing ring come September, Golden Boy will no longer be a part of it.
The endnotes include resources to find out more about the issues raised in Golden Boy, along with a glossary of Kiswahili words, and a note from the author about the disturbing practice of albino poaching.
Tonight won't be as easy for Khan even though Golden Boy have made an easy match for him on paper.
One of the areas of the appeal will be "miscalculation of scoring" after Golden Boy chief executive Richard Schaefer claimed there were irregularities in the way the scorecards were compiled and collected.
An IBF statement read: "On the evening of December 19, the IBF/USBA received a request for a formal appeal procedure from Golden Boy Promotions for the bout between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson.
Wilf Mannion's statue is at the stadium as he was known as England's golden boy.
McEwan, 28, plans to put pressure on Golden Boy promoter Oscar de la Hoya in an effort to persuade him to back the ambitious plan.
Summary: Amir Khan has announced a deal with the American Golden Boy Promotions as he bids to crack the United States.
AMIR Khan has paved the way for a blockbuster showdown with fellow British superstar Ricky Hatton after announcing he has teamed up with American giants Golden Boy Promotions.
The defendants include Oscar De La Hoya, president of Golden Boy Promotions; Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy; Mayweather Jr.
JOE CALZAGHE could continue his boxing success outside the ring by agreeing a potentially lucrative link-up with Golden Boy Inc.
Karl Rove has emerged as some golden boy of American politics with a feel that everybody now admires and respects.
Henry Repeating Arms has produced a limited edition engraved version of its popular Golden Boy lever action rifle.