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European kinglet with a black-bordered yellow crown patch

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Sightings of goldcrests, the UK's smallest birds, quadrupled, while sightings of long-tailed tits were up by 35% and coal tits by 28%.
Meanwhile, the BTO reported that a tiny goldcrest ringed in Norway was found more than 400 miles away in Lincolnshire just two days later; not bad for a bird weighing less than 10p.
Goldcrest numbers fell by as much as 75 per cent as freezing temperatures hit small-bodied birds, which have to eat almost continuously to stay alive in cold spells.
COMPELLING PHOTOGRAPH Tiny goldcrests were found huddling together for warmth on the Farne Islands.
TINY goldcrests are arriving from Scandinavia to escape the bitter northern winter.
Goldcrests have been scarce since last month's freeze, but two firecrests fed by the cycle path below Llanddulas this week, while a velvet scoter and several scaup were among 14,000 common scoters offshore.
EXHAUSTED goldcrests are touching down in Britain after completing a perilous journey from the continent.
People should also put out fruit for members of the thrush family and rub fat into the bark of trees to help birds such as treecreepers and goldcrests.
THOUSANDS of tiny Goldcrests are making their long-awaited return to the UK to escape the harsh winter in Scandinavia.