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a very thin form of gold foil

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Every year the government spent substantial amount on the gold-leafing project.
YOU WILL NEED: Feeders of your choice Vinegar Dishwashing liquid Spray metal primer Bronze spray paint Italian olive green spray paint Antique gold spray paint or gold-leafing supplies Clear spray finish or sealer Cut flowers, small plants, bulbs, reindeer moss, bird nests, and eggs To prepare feeders for paint, soak them in vinegar water (using about 1 cup vinegar to 4 gallons water) for several hours or overnight to remove the oil finish.
Today's gold-leafing kits have turned this process into a quick and easy craft.
NOTE: The gold-leafing kit I found at an art store contained brushes, adhesive sizing, cheesecloth, sealer, and 25 sheets of leafing - enough to cover 756 square inches, which is a lot of trays.