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a very thin form of gold foil

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Other prizes include Kentucky Derby wagering vouchers worth $1,000 or $500, rare gold-leafed Kentucky Derby 133 mint julep glasses, and much more.
Around the Allen home are several beautiful gold-leafed angels from Kathy's youth, many belonging to her mother.
On the rear of one mahogany cabinet, an ornate gold-leafed decal for Haines Bros.
gold-leafed the edges of the bases and finials with 18KT.
TIP OF THE WEEK: For a provocative contrast, juxtapose gold-leafed or gold-and-green variegated plants next to those with purple foliage.
For the gold containers, they can be sprayed with an antique gold spray paint or gold-leafed with Mona Lisa gold-leaf supplies, following package directions.
One is the persimmon (Diospyros species), whose leaves glow with yellow, orange and scarlet in the fall, and the other is the pomegranate (Punica granatum), a gold-leafed tree come November.