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having the color of gold

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Blue-colored coupons donate 10 free minutes, gold-colored coupons 20 free minutes, silver-colored coupons 30 free minutes.
The scientists found 28 of these gold-colored nuggets during their search near the Amazon River in northeastern Peru.
He was last seen in a gold-colored Saturn heading southbound on Brand.
Laith Haideri, a Shiite prayer leader, held a gold-colored sword in his hand as he told about 100 worshippers that they must oppose efforts to stop the elections.
Maryinsky II, which will be built in black marble and covered by a huge, translucent casing of gold-colored glass, will increase the space available to the Maryinsky by 48,000 square yards.
After four more paragraphs, one of them in boldface, a gold-colored subhead appears:
Rather, they are the gold-colored chips embedded in walletsized IDs and credit cards.
Gold-colored defects were found to be high in C initially, but the C dropped off after 20 min of sputtering.
A small mass of gold-colored cerumen overlies the exit of the chorda tympani nerve from the posterior canaliculus.
The 200 mg capsules of efavirenz are gold-colored, reverse-printed with "SUSTIVA" on the body and imprinted with "200 mg" on the cap.
The gold-colored plastic flavor spoons are hand-dipped and come in nine flavors: Amaretto, Butter Rum, Brandy, Chocolate, Grand Marnier, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Kahlua and Mint.
A The Legend of Zelda([TM]): Skyward Sword bundle containing the just-launched game for the Wii([TM]) system, a gold-colored Wii Remote([TM]) Plus controller and a CD with music from the series at a suggested retail price of $69.
Erected in 1958 by Sam Minskoff & Sons, the building at 575 Lexington was originally clad with gold-colored aluminum to commemorate the company's 50th anniversary in the building business.
She's become so destitute since ``Monday Night Football'' sent her home from the sidelines after one miserable season, all she has left in her closet to wrap herself in is some gold-colored drapery and a push-up bra.
The gold-colored coin has the back of a new Sacagawea dollar, but the front of a quarter.