gold plate

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Synonyms for gold plate

tableware that is plated with gold

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a thin plating of gold on something

plate with gold

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Receiving a Gold Plate symbolises the highest accolade restaurants or dining establishments can achieve in the NT.
Gold Plate Inc: The Florida based company is one of the leading Apple Watch gold plating services available for a wide range of products.
Held in a dipped position near the surface of the gold plate, the tip occasionally attaches to the free end of a titin molecule.
It comes in finishes of fluted 22K gold plate ($70), black onyx lacquer ($60), and brushed chrome plate ($45)--all three with 22K gold-plate trim.
Wallace also showcased on HSN a gold-plated replica flatware set and a coordinating tea set in 24-karat gold plate.
We've also lined up another sparkling offer - your chance to buy matching sets of gold plate AND 9 ct gold jewellery featuring genuine sapphires at amazing prices.
Made in the UK from sturdy base metal and gold plate, each pendant comes with a matching 18- inch chain.
We're loving the new rock crystal and rose gold plate sweetie, pounds 175 and the plain rose gold plate sweetie, pounds 195.
The rotor consists of a gold plate centered on a nanotube shaft whose ends are anchored to electrically conductive pads.
A gold plate was positioned on the four sides of the base and these were engraved with the names of the nine winners between 1930 and 1970.
para]]The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association Presents 61st Annual Gold Plate Award to Denny's Restaurants President and CEO[[/para]]
86) cites the attraction between a gold plate and a ball as proof of vacuum energy and the Casimir force, but isn't it possible that science has jumped the gun?
From among the eight winners, each representing their respective segment of foodservice operations, one will be named the 2014 IFMA Gold Plate Award winner at the 60th Annual Gold & Silver Plate Celebration, May 19, 2014 in Chicago, Ill.
Seven renowned chefs will prepare the gourmet dinner taking place at the Association's annual Gold Plate & Restaurateur of the Year Dinner Dance, open to the public for the first time.
We always said if we won the jackpot we would gold plate the teapot - now we can afford it," he added.