gold plate

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Synonyms for gold plate

tableware that is plated with gold

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a thin plating of gold on something

plate with gold

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Gold Plate Inc: The Florida based company is one of the leading Apple Watch gold plating services available for a wide range of products.
The Louis XVI inspired gold plate and onyx piece was designed by George Chirita of Paris as the ultimate piece of office bling, priced at 17,000 euros.
Each coin, which has Corrie's own special 50th birthday logo on the reverse side, is finished in gold plate and comes with a ful lyillustrated booklet.
com TIMELESS: Gent''s gold plate watch, pounds 139, from Rotary Watches Commodore cufflinks, pounds 125, from Braybrook & Britten and, left, set of four cufflinks, pounds 39.
The Churchill centenarycoins with over 300,000 originally minted in 1974, in gold plate and silver, are quite collectable but very common.
The team began by immersing a gold plate in a solution containing normally folded molecules of the protein, some of which spontaneously formed a chemical bond between one of their ends and the surface of the plate.
It comes in finishes of fluted 22K gold plate ($70), black onyx lacquer ($60), and brushed chrome plate ($45)--all three with 22K gold-plate trim.
Wallace also showcased on HSN a gold-plated replica flatware set and a coordinating tea set in 24-karat gold plate.
We've also lined up another sparkling offer - your chance to buy matching sets of gold plate AND 9 ct gold jewellery featuring genuine sapphires at amazing prices.
Made in the UK from sturdy base metal and gold plate, each pendant comes with a matching 18- inch chain.
The rotor consists of a gold plate centered on a nanotube shaft whose ends are anchored to electrically conductive pads.