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a miner who digs or pans for gold in a gold field

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The nugget was discovered on Thursday by a gold panner from the Canadian gold-rush province of British Columbia.
The Dolaucothi Gold Mines in Carmarthenshire is hosting a series of events allowing visitors to meet a professional gold panner and have a go themselves.
So Shah journeys to Addis Ababa, where he enlists the help of Samson, a former gold panner, and Bahru, a superstitious and temperamental driver.
PRECIOUS LITTLE: Charlie demonstrates the correct way to find gold in river gravel, but after hours of back-breaking work, Craig has nothing to show for his efforts; GOLDEN BOY: Record man Craig with gold panner Charlie Smart
You get people poaching for fish but you don't ban all fishermen," said Mr Thurkettle, a full-time gold panner and former president of the World Gold Panning Association.
The informals include the impoverished fisherfolks found all over the archipelago, the sacadas and landless farmers, forest settlers, displaced indigenous peoples, gold panners and small-scale camote miners, home-based workers and producers, street-based peddlers and vendors, and so on and so forth.
MORE than 10,000 gold panners will invade a Scots town this week.
Two of the gold panners buried when a shallow pit in the mining town of Aroroy in Masbate province collapsed Wednesday were found dead after hours of search, Police Chief Inspector Ariel Dayap Neri, Aroroy chief of police, said on Thursday.
Gold panners in Nanakanak, Eastern Equatoria state, South Sudan.
The 10,000 trees planted in the past three years were turned over to the Liwliw-Manganese-Camp 5-Besang-Bamping Gold Panners Association in Sitio Liwliw, Barangay Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet on August 1.
The single dynamo generates about 7 KVA or 7,000 volt amps that was more than enough to continuously use light bulbs, cellphone chargers, transistor radios and other small appliances of the 15 households of Ibaloi settlers, mostly fisher folk along the watershed and gold panners on the Agno River.
The reserve is located 14 kilometres down the Madre de Dios ('Mother of God') River from the remote settlement of Puerto Maldonado, a 45-minute boat ride that takes visitors past white caiman sitting impassively on the riverbanks, rows of small freshwater turtles basking on exposed debris and the odd posse of illegal gold panners.
Every spring flood brings a new layer of flour gold and amateur prospectors and recreational gold panners always strike it rich.
But that doesn't change the fact that the difficult, dirty business of mining remains dominated not by plucky gold panners, but by behemoths like Barrick.
The term "artisanal mining" is perhaps best used to describe the highly informal mining activities of gold panners, family coal gatherers and diamond diggers.