gold panner

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a miner who digs or pans for gold in a gold field

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The nugget was discovered on Thursday by a gold panner from the Canadian gold-rush province of British Columbia.
On September 16 and 23, Kit Andrews, a professional gold panner, who has found gold in more than 50 rivers in the UK, will be visiting Dolaucothi, to help potential prospectors learn the art.
There's a lot of gold been taken out of this area, but gold panners aren't worrying as there's still a lot left
GOLD panners want licences issued for people who want to prospect for the precious metal in North Wales.
Gold panners in Nanakanak, Eastern Equatoria state, South Sudan.
Every spring flood brings a new layer of flour gold and amateur prospectors and recreational gold panners always strike it rich.
There is a British team of gold panners, and they've just won a gold medal at the world championships.
This year Michael Orelove will present a gold-panning competition for gold panners of all ages Saturday afternoon.
This mission against clandestine gold panning was conducted in a deep-forest environment where the troops were temporarily housed in villages of Brazilian gold panners.
Most gold panners regard themselves as living temporarily in their current settlements, with no allegiance to their neighbours, or any sense of belonging to a community that they can feel proud of and committed to.
A continuing problem, however, is the army of illegal gold panners -- estimated at 100,000 -- who are seriously damaging the environment.
Other gold panners in the area said Mr Wright had asked for their help, but they refused to enter the river because, as members of the British Goldpanning Association (BGA), they had agreed to stay away.
Jack Waite, the head of the historical committee for the mine owners organization, said in the past, gold panners searched for treasure on Sharps Creek, Martin Creek, Clark Creek and on many of the other tributaries in the Cottage Grove area.
In the 1800s, gold panners nicknamed their home 'marvellous Melbourne'.
In mid-1996 placer gold was found nearby which prompted the rush of a few thousand local gold panners to the area.