gold miner

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a miner who digs or pans for gold in a gold field

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Parent firm Barrick, the world s biggest gold miner, plans to retain a 75 percent stake.
About 75,000 young children who work as gold miners across the country have parents who also grew up as gold miners when they were young, according to the labour department which made a profile-study of child-miners from 2014 to 2015.
Despite knowing full well the dangers of mercury, millions of small-scale gold miners across the globe continue to use the metal to separate gold from ore - usually because they have little other choice.
What was believed to hold high promise in bringing down the tuberculosis (TB) prevalence among highly migratory gold miners, wide-scale prophylactic drug intervention among asymptomatic (dormant) carriers has now been found to have little protective effect.
Back in April, Ghana introduced a ban against Chinese gold miners to stop environmental damage.
The Canadian gold miner also failed to meet safety standards and did not fulfill obligations stipulated in Chile's Environmental Quality Resolution, especially on environmental inspection and reports' validity, the statement said.
The call we made in RUSSIAN GOLD MINERS: Short Gold, Long Gold Miners (released 5 Oct 2011) proved correct until the beginning of Feb 2012: by that time, most of the names under coverage had shown a solid performance: Petropavlovsk (39%), Polymetal (27%), Highland Gold (20%) and Polyus Gold (4%) all gained on a gold price rise of 5%.
Perth, Australia, Oct 24, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Kingsrose Mining Limited (ASX:KRM) provides the opportunity to view a webcast with Chris Start, Managing Director, in a presentation titled "Kingsrose Mining: Gold miners at Resources Rising Stars".
67% stake in listed copper and gold miner Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corp.
copper and gold miner, agreed to acquire through cash and stock totaling US$25.
Gold is the country's primary mineral export, with five mines already in operation, including activity from Canadian gold miner Barrick Gold Ltd.
A steady increase in China's gold production means it will overtake annual output in South Africa and Australia and by 2009 could rank as the world's number one gold miner.
Finally he makes two friends--one a beautiful classmate who has her own problems with her father and the other an old gold miner, now working as a garage mechanic, with dreams of going to Cape Town.
Ready seems to be everywhere the action is; he meets actress Lola Montez, sneaks onto a riverboat in an effort to evade paying a fare, runs into old friends and makes new ones, helps track down a missing gold miner and is in the middle of everything going on.
Set in San Francisco during 1853, it follows the wide-eyed exploits of an enthusiastic young man whose pasttimes include shouting the latest newspaper headlines from a street corner, and tracking down a gold miner who has gone missing.