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a very thin form of gold foil

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Hamanishi's most recent work reflects traditional Japanese culture through depictions of the country's landscape and dress, stylized with gold leaf, silver and mica.
John Dick is the recipient of the CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Discovery, in recognition of his pioneering work as the first scientist to identify cancer stem cells.
In the 16th century Italian nobility dined on risotto with edible gold leaf and the Elizabethans ate crystallised fruits covered in gold leaf.
Referring to the Gold Leaf marmalade, Morgan said: "Currently, there's lots of interest.
A champagne, gold leaf and gold dust doughnut made by Krispy Kreme for a UK promotion, had a PS1,000 price tag.
Accordingly, the price of a Gold Leaf cigarette has been increased by Rs 3.
Paint front edges of plaques with gold leaf paint or stain.
Diamond Packaging won five awards in the 22nd Annual Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) Gold Leaf Awards Competition, one of the industry's showcase events recognizing foil stamping, embossing, and other specialty effects.
Dubai -- Gold leaf painting, principles of gilding art, and Diwani typography are just a slice of the pie.
Experiment with bronze, copper, silver and gold leaf.
Two of those large-scale posters, framed in gold leaf, occupy center ring in the home's fabulously ornate dining room.
Caption: Above: Allure Mirror with gold leaf finish
Lootah Premium Foods says Lussory Gold is "an alcohol-removed halal sparkling wine" -- and that the gold leaf "rises and falls in rhythm with the wine's bubbles.
Instead of gold leaf, in a few places, golden paint was used.