gold fever

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greed and the contagious excitement of a gold rush

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Former winner Roz and the girls were promoting the ompetition- sponsored by Gold Fever Hair Extensions.
Once it hit, gold fever attracted experienced miners from Latin America, laborers from China, investors from Europe, and speculators from Australia.
This fever surpassed the gold fever which erupted in California in the beginning of the 18th century, and actively stormed churches, factories, companies, and new ethnic groups.
TEAM GB's tally of Olympic gold medals is growing by the day, so if you've developed gold fever why not add the midas touch to your kitchen.
GOLD FEVER Ben Ainslie is gunning for his third straight Olympic gold medal
Current levels are by no means excessively weak, but the fact that average daily turnover sits at just about half of the 18 ton all-time high seen last year is in itself confirmation that there is less gold fever in China this year versus last.
Throughout the gold fever, he says most local jewelers juggled with discounts instead of slashing high price markups.
Gold Fever, US, 511 Valley Mall Parkway, East Wenatchee; buy gold and silver.
The Gold Fever campaign is part of this promotional programme.
We doubt Paulson's gold fever has run its course,' the note said.
The government estimates that at the height of the gold fever in the early 1980s, the population in the area peaked at nearly 100,000.
Miss Kimberley C was enjoying a game of Gold Fever when she became the instant winner of [pounds]10,000.
Now we have the so-called gold fever because everybody is searching for gold, just like in 19th century America," Minerals Minister Abdelbagi Gailani told Reuters.
Gold fever periodically convulses us in nearly every sphere of activity--a malady that brings both pleasure and angst.
GOLD FEVER Global demand for oilseed rape surged as supplies dwindled, sending prices soaring